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The Advantages of Thanh Trung CNC Machining Service


There are many CNC machining service manufacturers. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should choose us to be your provider:


Satisfy customer requirements

We can flexibly customize the size of the product radius to suit customers' requirements.  


Offering high-quality products and fast production time

Producing the fastest and highest quality products for customers are the criteria set by CNC Machining Service of Thanh Trung.  


Competitive price

With an abundant labor force in Vietnam, we are confident we can bring the best price for you.


What is CNC Machining?


CNC ( Computer Numerical Control ) machining is a term commonly used in manufacturing and industrial applications, represent mechanical machine-controlled lathe systems. 


Calculated, developed from the late 1940s - early 1950s at the Servomechanism laboratory of MIT.


CNC processes include CNC machining, CNC bending, CNC laser cutting, CNC milling, CNC turning, CNC plasma cutting, CNC grinding, CNC punching. 

We will discuss further every process below.



CNC Machining Process


CNC Milling


What is CNC Milling?


CNC milling is one of the tools supporting the mechanical processing process quite effectively. 


CNC milling machines are a piece of common mechanical processing equipment and are easily found in nearly every factory, from small and medium-sized factories to production workshops with capacity and production. large amounts.


Advantages of CNC Milling


The automatic CNC milling machine dynamically changes the tool, making the processing of various-shaped parts possible continuously.  


Guaranteed accuracy and much shorter time than other types of milling machines.


The CNC milling machine performs a lot of cutting in both 3D space.


CNC Turning  


What is a CNC turning?


The CNC milling machine is a common type of mechanical processing equipment in today's factories. 


The machine uses modern CNC technology (directly controlled by computer) to perform cutting, milling, drilling, the workpieces meticulously and accurately up to 100%.


Advantages of CNC turning?


The automatic CNC turning machine changes the tool flexibly, making the process of processing different shaped parts work continuously, ensuring accuracy and time is much shorter than other types of milling machines.


The CNC turning machine performs a lot of cutting in both 3D space.


The CNC turning machine can process special materials and alloys with extremely high hardness, for example, HRC 61 and above, etc.


CNC Surface Grinding


What is CNC Grinding?


The CNC grinding machine includes many basic types of products, be it their skills and other features of the CNC grinder combined to create a multifunctional processing equipment for grinding machines, improving efficiency, processing of the user.


Advantages of CNC Grinding


CNC grinding machines can handle high hardness materials such as hard steel, hard alloy and so on, they can handle brittle materials, such as glass and granite. 


The use of high precision processing capabilities to improve the efficiency of products, the production of sophisticated industrial products. 


The grinding machine can perform precise and very small rough surface grinding, can also bring about high grinding efficiency, advantages and functions are numerous.


The CNC grinding machine with precision processing and processing efficiency is the highest in all grinding equipment, suitable for complex processing parts.


The device can realize computer control, eliminate human error and improve the accuracy of processing equipment. 


The operator can also realize compensation for device accuracy and optimal control through computer software and better control of equipment production. 


Operators can rely on their evaluation to change the function of the knife, reduce the number of clamps, improve processing accuracy.



CNC Laser Cutting


What is CNC laser cutting?


The advent of Laser technology means the introduction of CNC laser cutting machines. 


Laser is the most advanced technology today, using lasers to cut engraving materials with many different energy sources to transform workpieces on all metals such as stainless steel processing, steel, aluminum …


Advantages of CNC laser cutting


Processing on all different materials, metal, nonmetal, plastic, copper aluminum, stainless steel, paper cutting.


Able to work in air, vacuum, liquid, solid ... so that there are many special applications that no technology can do.


High automation ability, processing to absolute precision, cutting different thin and thick surfaces, intricate details.


CNC Plasma Cutting


For a cleaner, more accurate manufacturing surface and less work in the workpiece. 


Used to combine with machine tools and CNC technology for the highest efficiency.


The machine has a fast cutting speed, especially when used to cut metal sheets of less than 50mm thickness compared to oxy-gas cutting and metal sheets> 3mm thick compared to laser cutting. 


This has contributed to increased labor productivity, reduced production costs and costs.


We can cut a lot of different materials with different thicknesses, such as ferrous, non-ferrous and cutting thicknesses up to 80mm.


Easy to operate: plasma cutting does not require highly technical operators. 


The training is also very easy, has a simple cut operation and does not need much adjustment when operating the machine.


When talking about the economy, a plasma cutting machine is more economical than oxygen cutting machine with metal plates <25mm thick.


CNC Turret Punching  


What is CNC Turret Punching?


Mechanical casting CNC punching machine is through computer software that controls the rotating gear program on several molds for several holes on one plate to achieve automatic CNC stamping equipment series.  


The main applications of the industry, including machinery, electrical equipment, hardware, etc., especially sheet metal, are the most widely used CNC milling industry.


Advantages of CNC Turret Punching


The appearance of mechanical punching is achieved in automatic manufacturing with a simple, simple, time-saving and efficient punching machine.  


However, the technical staff in the operation of CNC punched press must pay attention to the problem: before use.  


Carefully read the product instructions, different products have different ways to use, we must understand carefully, to ensure that the location of different parts of the extreme role to prepare  problems in time to find the problem and solve it.


CNC punching mechanics is the processing of needed sheet metal products, the machine is divided into beds, punching, transmission parts, feeding platforms, clamping parts, systems and so on.  Which refers to the body of casting and welding mechanics;  system, then have IPC, PIC point.


Perforated CNC mechanics can be used to ensure the efficiency of the upgrade, more suitable for handling large metals, of course, it is impossible to avoid the imperfections unsuitable for handling large volumes. 


There are many types of CNC mechanical press punching machines, according to the processing of the workpieces and requirements of choice, including an affordable CNC mechanical turret press, that is because it is  CNC mechanical punching, so that, and lower concentric, Improve the accuracy of processing to ensure that the product's pass rate.


Finally, the emphasis on using CNC mechanical punch punches should pay attention to maintaining CNC punch, regular oil changes, checking circuits and driving systems are normal, in accordance with the right use of the right thing.  


Self-operation of CNC machine turret, do not arbitrarily interrupt the operation of the command, In order to prevent problems.  


The last moment to stay alert, and the machine to keep in a safe range, pay attention to their own safety.


CNC Bending


What is CNC Bending?


CNC bending is a machining service that is interested in many businesses or households because it is popular and convenient. 


CNC bending can shape many metals in the desired shape.


Advantages of CNC Bending


Processing stainless steel products with high hardness.


Easily folded stainless steel according to the desired shape of the product.


Achieving difficult, highly complex details such as kink corners, V grooves, etc.


The processed products ensure high accuracy.


Shorten processing time, increase productivity and work efficiency.


CNC Lathe  


What is CNC Lathe?


CNC lathe are advanced devices capable of processing a wide range of products, safety, no noise, high productivity, and relatively simple operation. 


CNC turning make it easier to round, bevel, bevel, cash and grooving, the threaded system and the multi-purpose inch system easier.


Advantages of CNC lathe


The automatic engineering of the CNC lathe significantly reduces technical errors for the product.


Capable of processing complex deformation: CNC turning is a device that can process intricate parts such as three-dimensional surfaces and high precision.


High economic and technical efficiency increased tool life thanks to optimal cutting ability. Saving cutting tools, jigs, and other spare parts.


Minimal defective products.


Reduce labor costs because there is no need for occupational skills but higher productivity.


Reuse the machining program.


Production time is greatly reduced.


The machine is used for longer hours thanks to reduced downtime.


No need to waste time checking the machine-like before because CNC lathes produce high quality and very guaranteed parts.


The CNC lathe can quickly change machining from one part type to another with minimal time for preparation.


Approach steps before CNC Machining


If you compare CNC machining and classical mechanical machining, you will see that the part-time approach involves the following steps:


Receive and study drawings, choose the most appropriate method and machining, deciding on the clamping method (positioning of workpiece details), Choose a cutting tool, set cutting mode and machining tool and finally advanced processing. 


Those are all the steps that we apply to CNC machining to serve our customers' interests and needs.


This basic approach is the same for both CNC machining and classical mechanical machining. 


The main difference is the data entry processing method. The feed speed of 10 inches/minute (10in / min) is the same, in CNC and classical mechanical machining, but the method of determination is different. 


That can be said about the coolant, activated by turning a button, pressing a switch, or programming by special code.



Main advantages of CNC Machining  


CNC machine users will receive the following improvements: Reduce time to set up the machine, reduce preparation time, accuracy and repeatability. profile processing of complex shapes. 


Simplified tools and detailed photos, stable cutting time, increase overall productivity, quality stability of output products. 


Each of the above areas only provides the ability to do better. 


Depending on the type of product manufactured and the type of CNC machine used, the CNC machining person will have specific levels of improvement.


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Applying advanced technology, modern, in any form, we always ensure products with high-quality output standards.


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